Investing in screen printed t-shirtscreen printed tee shirts is one of the perfect ways for smaller businesses, and large ones, to advertise their company. Think of screen printed t-shirtscreen printed tee shirts as small billboards for customers to show off to their friends and family, in turn, spreading the name of your business.

Handing Out Promotional Items

If you are a business and you are looking to spread you name, you should know that many consumers, as many as 85 percent, will remember your company name if they have been given a shirt or hat. The next time you have a booth at a trade show, hand out promotional products, because it has been shown that attendees will remember your company name better. It seems people like getting free stuff! Who would have thought? And even better, 92 percent of consumers will actually keep the promotional item, too.

A Healthy Business Decision

People love their tee shirts, especially custom design t-shirts. Every year you rip off your calendar, two billion tee shirts were sold all over the globe. Those two billion shirts then add to the growing wardrobe of Americans. In fact, 62 percent can count over 10 different tee shirts, equating to as many as 1.5 billion altogether.

This is to show that, when you decide to invest in a screen printed t-shirtscreen printed tee shirt, you are making an advertising decision. Customers can use your shirt, not only as an article of clothing to cover themselves, but also as a fashion statement, especially if your goal was fashion.

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Printing tee shirts with graphics is actually fairly simple, and quite popular. Imagine you are holding a stamp and you use that stamp on a sheet of paper. What happens? It prints the imagine onto the sheet of paper, right? Screen printers aim for the same thing–they are, basically, big tee shirt stamps.

First, you or someone else decides on the graphic for a tee shirt. Your company logo is always a good place to start. Afterwards, a tee shirt is placed on a flat surface inside the screen printer. Another flat surface, with the ink design on the other side, flattens the tee shirt and presses the image to the shirt. Imagine it like pressing batter in a waffle maker. Once the ink sets, you have yourself a heat pressed tee shirt.

Share it with your friends, family, and neighbors–spread your company name!