After you saw another post about the beautiful blooms on the trees at the local college, you knew you had to check them out. When one of the college seniors scheduled her portrait session, there was only one little problem. The shoot was scheduled for the day after some terrible storms raged their way through the area. Obviously, you were worried about all the other things involved with dangerous storms, you were also secretly worried the storm would damage the blooming beauties you were so anxious to use as a backdrop. And then, something even better happened.
The rain really did cause a good bit of petal loss, but the thing that you noticed when you arrived on campus was that the wind also created this wonderland of white on the ground and made this location better than you ever could have imagined. You try to avoid being too dramatic, but the scene really was magical!
It is the little things in life that matter.
Spring Weather Can be Especially Unpredictable
Even though the temperatures dipped into the low 40s this last weekend in April, there are many brides planning for spring wedding flowers for their ceremonies. Even when the weather does not always cooperate, there are many ways that flowers can help create the perfect mood. Whether they are blooms from flowers on a row of trees on a college campus or the spring wedding flowers that you have for your big day, you can often depend on flowers to make sure that you create the mood that you are looking for.
When you realize the impact that flowers can have on an indoor wedding or an outdoor photo shoot it should come as no surprise that there are many people who use the power of flowers almost any day of the year. In fact, would it surprise you to know that 88% of survey respondents indicated that a gift of flowers changes their mood for the better? Perhaps this is part of the reason why as many as 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers.
Mother’s Day Is Just Around the Corner!
If you want to make sure that you make your mother feel extra special, it is important to know that you can make her day by sending a Mother’s Day bouquet even before the big weekend arrives. You do not need to wait for a wedding or an outdoor photo shoot to make the person you love feel loved. In fact, flower arrangements are a perfect pick me up any day of the year! Whether you are selecting spring wedding flowers for your daughter or you are choosing a bouquet for your own home, the money that is spent on flowers is a great investment.