In The Beginning There Was….Loverboy

When you think about fashion what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Bold? Eccentric? Salacious? If so, Charles Jeffery is a name you to learn, fast. From his bold, visionary perspective of media and design to his inclusion of LGBTQ people of color on the runway featured in The Native Fox, Fucking Young Magazine, and Novembre Magazine, he’s one of the true icons in the fashion industry….not to mention he’s only 26. At first glance his
Instagram page might startle you, varying POV’s are scattered about with a splash of invigorating colors behind a mundane background, but that’s exactly what Charles Jeffery clothing line, Loverboy, represents, disruption and rebellion against the world. But before ascending to fame, Jeffery was your average college student in East London attending Central Saint Martins, trying to fund his dreams. He started small at a club, creating a venue named Loverboy, true to form, intertwining his two worlds, “decadent yet disheveled” sense of fashion into a defined collection of designer clothing that emphasizes a need for creative exploration.

Breaking Barriers

Designers in the industry, particularly in men’s fashion are synonymous with mundane, drab pieces to represent classic menswear; a slight but significant reminder of how hypermasculinity even shapes the world of fashion. However, men’s clothing lines are forcefully tearing aware from society’s gender notions to usher in a representative idea of fashion for men. Statistics indicate the number of potential customers is projected to increase to more than 1.2 billion by 2020 within the age ranges of 16-24 to 25-34, and Jeffery is at the movement’s forefront. His innovative work comes from his personal beliefs within the world overlapped into a zing of cultural diversity, “We don’t believe the media; everything is a lie; we live in a bubble. I just really want to reflect on that and do a show that was about fantasy. It’s like the journey of traveling to a new planet.” His recent collection, Full Fantasy, focuses on just that, the desire for escapism among a world that is chaotic and expressively oppressive, and a longing to find another planet (i.e safe space) which embraces cultural and personal differences.

Loverboy’s Message

Identity and individualism is a common theme in all Charles Jeffery clothing. Through his innovative designs, he wishes to embody the true androgyny within high-end couture, denouncing the idea of traditionally feminine and masculine clothing. “We’re creatives, and we’re reacting to the space around us. The definition of clubs are nights of escapism, and we wanted to validate that even further.” His integration for his love of partying and fashion exhibits itself in his unusual, quirky Loverboy brand, from his knack for tasteful tailoring to an odd use of handcrafted textiles, disregards the need for traditional structure in fashion and jolts it into the 21st century, maybe even beyond. Through a combination of luxury clothes with a casual, disgruntled appeal, Charles Jeffery clothing is a truly unique unisex brand for edgy, non-conforming spirits who embrace the nightlife.