The desire to look good is not unique to this time nor is it nothing new. For at least a millennia. For example, there is evidence that nail polish was used in China as far back as 3000 BC. When cosmetics became a think, they were made off egg whites, powdered dyes, and beeswax. There are a lot of newer products and techniques now but the end goal remains the same; to help people look their best. If that is your goal, to run a successful microblading and shading business, there are some things you can do. Sure, you need to keep your tools, equipment such as microshading blade replacements on hand but there are other important things you can do to be a success.

  • Become the best. There are people who say, “no matter what you do, be the best at it.” That is very true when it comes to the world of beauty. If you are new to this spa service, there are microblading and shading training programs out there that you can take to learn the techniques and craft. For some people, the first step is not to start with microblading classes but to practice your art. Some start off by working on drawing eyebrows. The more you practice your art and the new techniques you are taught, the more confident you will feel and the better a job you will do. When you see clients, they will take note of the great job you do and the word will spread.
  • Do not offer services you cannot do well. It can be easy to want to be a “one-stop shop” for all things beauty but there are a lot of reasons not to go that route. If you offer other services that are popular such as facials, eyelash dying or extensions, and peels, you should keep on doing them. Adding services that you are not really confident in what you are doing will only hurt your reputation and drive people away from your door.
  • Get some images from your clients. Few things show a good job in this area like photos taken of clients before they have had the service and then after. Doing this can help you grow your portfolio and can make your clients feel good about their decision to go to your shop. Keep in mind that you do not have to use all the images you capture, you should only showcase the best work you have done. You will make back any money you spend on this and it is really a good investment in your business. Think of it as being as important as springing for good microshading blade replacements.
  • Get your clients to tell their friends and family about you and your services. The absolute best way to find good products and services is to get personal recommendations from people you know and trust. That is why when you do a good job for someone, you should ask them to tell their networks about it. This is not the fastest way to grow your client base but is one of the best ways to grow a LOYAL customer base and is worth the time and effort.
  • Make your social media work for you. You need to have a website built by professionals who can showcase your services, hours, location, and portfolio. You can add more functionaluty by allowingn people to make appointments. At the same timw, you should have a Facebook page that mirrors your website. You can also use it to grow a loyalty program. Ask people to post images of the job you did on their wall. Give discounts to people who like you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram and Twitter. You need to have someone spend some time working on your social media on a regular basis if you want to have a use for all of the microshading blade replacements you have.

Building a successful beauty business that includes microshading and blading takes more than keeping up with your stock of microshading blade replacements. The more you hone your craft and spread the word about, the better. your shop will do.