Spring is here. With it comes sunny weather, new holidays…and plenty of stress.

No matter the season or time of day, stress always finds its way back around. People come up with all sorts of ideas to take a bite out of this physical and mental drag, from hanging out with close friends to watching a classic movie in the comfort of their home. When stress starts to mount too high and affect someone’s ability to get through the week? Sometimes a more thorough treatment is necessary to be brought back up to speed. As a spa owner you’re already familiar with all the different stories that come through your treatment center’s front doors.

This is how you find out which types of spa equipment you need to bring out your customer’s very best.

The State Of The Spa Industry Today

Before you dive into the different types of spa equipment you need to help your customers relax, refresh yourself on the state of the spa industry today. Back in 2015 the American spa industry was just shy of $100 billion, with the following year bringing in an extra $15 billion in areas related to consultation, massage and makeovers. Visiting the spa is a popular choice for people of all ages, particularly younger and older women, and makes for an event that’s as healthy as it is fun.

Skin Products

What’s a major reason people decide to visit their local spa? Encouraging healthy skin is a wise place to start. Skin is the largest organ on our body, capable of being beautiful and smooth…as well as blotchy, dry and irritable. Acne, in particular, is a frustrating skin condition that takes a toll on people’s self-esteem, leaving bad scarring that can take months to slough away on its own. According to the International Spa Association over 55% of Millennials have visited a spa within the last year. Acne doesn’t only affect young adults, however, and can be persistent even into someone’s later years.

Hair Products

Another reason people want to drop by your spa? To give themselves a makeover and feel like a brand new person. Hair products are a must-have, even for the casual visit, as they allow you to give someone a touch-up from head-to-toe. These include specialty shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioning products and blow-out designs. According to the International Spa Association the United States has an impressive 17,000 day spas working around-the-clock to provide customers with the means of feeling happy in their own skin. Additional products to accommodate curly and coily hair types will open up an even larger pool of customers to you.

Waxing Products

With summer just around the corner the types of spa equipment you should have need to accommodate waxing supplies at some point. This isn’t just for legs, either, but for eyebrows, the bikini area and arms. In order to properly wax body hair it needs to be anywhere from a fourth of an inch to half an inch long so the hot wax can adhere to each individual strand. Not only does this create a nicer result, it also reduces the chance for ingrown hairs and reddening down the line.

Massage Equipment

You have waxing equipment and hair spa products. Now for the final nail in the coffin of stress…a good, old-fashioned massage. Nearly 30% of people reported in a recent survey they applied for a massage over the past few weeks to relieve stress, with additional data suggesting anywhere between 40 million and 50 million American adults having had at least one massage between 2015 and 2016. A deep massage loosens up muscles and stimulates blood flow, releasing pleasant endorphins to relax the customer as well as speeding up the body’s natural healing process. Oils, perfumes and heat can be added to the mix for an even richer experience.

The types of spa equipment you have reflect your clientele. Make sure they’re just as varied and lovely as your customers are.