As you look at the artistic designs of the best body art and the best tattoos, you’ve probably realized they’re an amazing personal form of artistic expression. They’re also unique, in that they can be the artistic expression of two people at once: the wearer, and also the artist. So how are tattoos an artistic expression of the self?

  1. It can remind you of who you really are. It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind and the dull responsibilities of work, school, and routine. A tattoo can be a way of reminding yourself of what makes you unique. A tattoo can be a reminder of a special personal story. It can be sentimental, express a connection between you and friends or family, or it can simply be an artistic expression of the things you find most important in life. Tattoos can be calming or funny. They can be sentimental or silly. Whatever you choose, it should be symbolic to you.
  2. Your tattoo should be a work of art you’re wearing instead of hanging on a wall. Tattooing, in fact, is one of the most ancient forms of art that humans still practice. Tattoos have always been a way of expressing something about the person who wears them; whether that is their love of art, their appreciation of a good story, their triumphs, or their longings and desires. And since tattoos are art, they can have different meanings depending upon who is viewing them. As a piece of art unique to you, the best tattoo is one that makes people think when they see you, but which you can appreciate in new ways all the time.
  3. A tattoo can be an artistic expression of your new beginning. It might be your recovery from illness or injury, especially if you choose a tattoo to help cover up scars. Or, it might be an expression of personal power as you put your past in the past and move on to live life to the fullest. A tattoo can be a way of reminding yourself and the world that you aren’t controlled by your past or by events or the actions of others. Instead, you are choosing your own destiny. A tattoo might deliberately evoke your past, too; not as a way of living in it, but as a way of demonstrating that your past has made you the strong and unique person you are.

Whatever kind of tattoo you choose, they can be a great way to express yourself and start a conversation about what you find important. As an expression that doesn’t demand words, the right tattoo leaves you in charge of the conversation.