Embroidered towel

Spending time at the beach is a common activity for millions of Americans each year. Beaches a long the coast, as well as inland lakes are popular tourist destinations as people enjoy being close to the water. The activities people enjoy at the beach range from swimming to reading a book. According to a recent study, three of the most popular beach activities are sunbathing, napping, and reading.

Over 50% of survey respondents reported planning a beach vacation within the next 12 months. Over 60% of respondent stated they preferred relaxing at the beach, opposed to exercising. However, swimming is still a highly popular activity, and is ranked as the 4th most popular activity in the United States.

With over 95,000 miles of coastal shorelines in the United States, spending time at the beach is a relatively short drive for most Americans. With the wellspring of evidence supporting people’s love for beaches, it seems obvious that one of the most utilized items for all beach goers is a nice beach towel.

While some people may opt for a bath towel, opposed to buying a beach towel, the differences are substantial. Bath towels tend to be smaller making them harder to lay on with getting sand all over you. Bath towels are also bulkier making them harder to pack and carry around.

Beach towels are something that will never go out of style because going to the beach will never go out of style. This has garnered the attention of companies that can utilize beach towels for advertising. There are a wide range of different types of logo beach towels and different types of promotional beach towels available.

Branded beach towels make great gifts and promotional give away items for contest, promotions, and events. The recipients of these towels will keep them and use them providing ongoing exposure and marketing for the brand. It is comparably a low-cost option for companies because of the long-term exposure they provide.

Promotional pens get lost, calendars and notepads get used and thrown away. Cup cozies typically end up in the donate pile. Beach towels are different. People will keep them and use them because they are highly useful to them. Additionally, they are going to use them in highly public places whether that means the beach or a pool.

Promotional or logo beach towels are obviously going to be a more expensive option than smaller promotional items. However, the return on investment is significantly greater. It is important to make the beach towels appealing by ensuring they are large enough and the quality is good enough that they can be used for more than one season. If they are too cheap, they will fall apart easier causing the owner to throw them out or simply not use them.