Temporary henna tattoos

Not sure what all the hype is about when it comes to temporary tattoos? You will when you read on for all the facts about metallic tattoos, fashion tattoos, and even glitter temporary tattoo options.

What on Earth Are They?

Just what they sound like. They are designs applied to the skin just like tattoos, only unlike traditional tattoos they are temporary (meaning they’ll come off eventually) and they are almost infinitely customizable. The FDA defines them as decals that can decorate any part of the body, and they can last from one to seven days depending on what type you get. Also unlike traditional tattoos, they don’t hurt to apply or remove, and you’ll never have to worry about buyers remorse. In America, 29% of people have a permanent tattoo, but 23% of those who have one regret having gotten it. Temporary tattoos are a way to have your cake and eat it, too.

Aren’t They Just for Kids?

Ok, yes, the fashion tattoo is most popular with children and at Halloween. But as the custom temporary tattoo grows in popularity, they are becoming popular with adults, too, and that means more and better options on the market. The advent of glitter tattoos and metallic tattoos mean you can get a far wider variety of looks than is possible with traditional permanent tattoos. Metallic tattoos, sometimes called flash tattoos, look great, and the demand is creating innovative new designs. Even some big names on the cutting edge of culture, like Beyonce and Rihanna, have their own lines of flash tattoos. Other metallic tattoos or glitter tattoos can be made to look like jewelry. And if you don’t find something you like easily, don’t worry: you can get custom temporary tattoos as well.

Are They Hard to Apply?

Nope. It takes no special skill. All you need is a few moments of care. The best way to apply for a long hold is to keep it in the spot where you want to apply it for half a minute to a minute, and then to put a bit of water-based lotion on top to keep it hydrated.

Why Get One?

Some companies let you try a temporary tattoo before coming to get it put on permanently. That way you can find out if you’ll like it, which is one reason to try it. But probably the main reason people love them is they allow you to showcase something unique and interesting about yourself without it becoming boring. You can change things up every few weeks, or go without entirely for a while. You can make a statement for a particular time or event, and whenever you apply a tattoo you’re reflecting your own sense of style. And who knows? If you love it, you might just get a permanent one in the end.

Temporary tattoos used to be primarily for kids, and they’re still popular with children at birthday parties and fairs. But they also allow an adult like you an easy and practical way to look beautiful, stand out, or make a real style statement that you can afford; and will love.