Kids chest of drawers

Did you know that in 19th century Europe, only the mistress and the master of a household sat in chairs, while the servants and lower social classes were expected to sit on the floor? Now, modern furniture is built with practicality in mind, and not social hierarchies. Modern furnitures is both more spacious and efficient, with many pieces that you can transform and use for a variety of functions. Even modern appliance are built with efficiency in mind, which can save American households 20% on yearly energy costs. This could chip away at those big electric bills, like the electric oven’s average energy cost of $134.

Nowadays, in the U.S. 60% of furniture sales are made up of furnishing items, like sofas, childrens desks, chairs, tables, L shaped desks, king platform beds, painted dressers, six drawer dressers, and wooden file cabinets, for example. While many of these are designed with efficiency and practicality in mind, most are not the transforming kind of furniture, which can also be a good thing. According to Johnston Architects, “The problem with space saving innovations is that they are usually identifiable as something meant to save space, so they don’t have the same refinement and simplicity that’s so pleasing about ordinary furniture. This arises from prioritizing spatial efficiency over aesthetics, and since they are frequently at odds, it means sacrificing appearance.”

However, although some space saving furniture does sacrifice aesthetics, more and more pieces are being designed with pleasing aesthetics in mind. These newer, more appealing pieces of furniture like childrens desks, can be folded and stored more easily when not in use. Plus, they’re often less expensive than ordinary furniture, which means you’re getting more bang for your buck because of their versatility. You get to save space, and money by buying items like folding childrens desks.

While we don’t build our furniture with societal hierarchies in mind, furniture designers still keep certain values in mind when they design items, like spacial efficiency. Many space saving furniture, like folding childrens desks, does sacrifice aesthetics, but there are just as many pieces that look great and fold to save space. With transformative furniture, like folding childrens desks, you can save space and money. If you have any questions about these versatile pieces of furnitures like folding childrens desks, feel free to ask in the comments. More info like this: