Good volumizing mascara

When is the last time that you applied a truly flawless face makeup? Honestly. Whether you have run out of one of your best lip primers, or you have a blemish, or you sneezed and smudged your eyeliner (watch the eye!), there always seems to be something that makes it hard to achieve that flawless face makeup you strive for.

But it does not have to look like it was painted on in order to be considered that perfect flawless face makeup. It can be simple, subtle and complimentary and still come across as flawless. In fact, the smoother and softer it is, the easier it is to pull off as a perfect application. If you are somewhere between art deco runway model and Mimi from the Drew Carey Show, maybe you should read on for a little guidance on the art of subtle makeup.

1. Base

Anything mineral based is the safest for your skin. And something with an included UV protection is nice too, as that constant layer from the sun can help prevent wrinkles. A BB cream works best, because it packs in your sunscreen, primer, and foundation all into one convenient tube. Stay away from the powder base or foundation, though, as it can actually collect in creases and even the slightest of wrinkles, and draw attention, making you look older. Lastly, just take a little brush of blush over your cheek bones. It should be just enough to give you a glow, but not enough for you to even be blatantly wearing it.

2. Lips

Bright red lipstick, while it has that sex appeal thing going for it, actually ages you. So if you want to look like an older vixen, go for it. A very light line around the outside edge of the lips highlights the right spots and can make your lips look plumper and fuller. And warmer, softer colors of lipstick will do wonders to keep you looking more youthful.

3. Eyes

Lining your lower eyelids with white can make your eyes pop, appear brighter, and therefore younger. Winging your eye liner, when you give a little, natural uptick to the eyeliner as you bring it out to the outer ends, is a quick little instant eye lift technique. And the more full and thick your eyelashes are, the younger, more playful, and more vibrant you will look.

Do not put so much effort into it. Keep it simple with subtle touches and you may find yourself with the best, most flawless makeup job you have ever had. It is better and more youthful to make it natural. When people stop and remark on your makeup, that is when they notice age and faulty application.