Genuine sea glass jewelry

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There are some statistics that are worth understanding as well before the start of this article as they illuminate some of the concepts within this article. They are:

  • The oldest known jewelery ever found was 100,000 year old beads.
  • pH levels for water range from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral.
  • Over the past ten years sea glass collecting has been becoming more and more popular.

The goal of this article is to adequately describe what “sea glass” is, where it came from, how much is left in the world, and what is being used for currently. Although the focus will be on jewelry for the last section, it is possible for sea glass to be used for other things, which will be written.

First, what is sea glass?

Sea glass is a type of glass that is found on the beaches next to bodies of salt water. This includes seas, oceans, and other tributaries where salt water is kept. It cannot be found along lakes or other fresh water bodies. The glass that is found beside fresh water bodies is called “beach glass.”

Sea glass is generally “frosted” for reasons that will be explained in the next section. Sea glass generally starts out as “sharp” around the edges, as any piece of glass would be. However, because it is in the sea for a long time, it is “tumbled” and grounded so that the glass loses its sharp edges and becomes smooth and rounded.

Sea glass comes from numerous situations in which glass has been tossed into the sea. This can include bottles, where they are thrown into the sea. It can include broken glass ornaments, which can occur when someone is on a boat. And it can occur during shipwrecks, where glass is deposited into the sea.

The sea glass can be found anywhere in the world, but it is most notably found in the area of northeastern United States, the Carolina beaches, the California beaches, just to name places in the United States. For international countries, sea glass is found in Bermuda, Italy, England, and other locations.

There are some statistics that state that little sea glass is left in the world. While this is certainly up for debate, sea glass washes up on the shores of beaches every year, meaning that the supply for sea glass might be running out if less and less glass is poured into the sea.

The biggest issue though is what sea glass is being used for. Because sea glass has a frosted appearance with rounded edges and is generally the color of the glass that has been deposited, it is often used for jewelry, whether with professional jewelers or with amateur jewelers.

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Sea glass can be formed into many different types of jewelry, which makes it profitable. A person might be able to find sea glass and later sell it to jewelers for a certain amount of money. Those jewelers can then form jewelry out of sea glass and sell it to customers either directly or in the shop.

A sea glass necklace is often very popular with people, as it takes multiple pieces of sea glass generally to make, which are then placed along a band that has a clasp, where it can hang around the neck. A sea glass necklace is one way to make sea glass jewelry. A sea glass necklace may be profitable to sell.

Sea glass is popular for its aesthetics and attractiveness. It can be profitable and found in many locations around the world, including along the coasts of the United States. It comes from human interactions with sea water.