Mens used rolex

Are you a collector of fine things? Maybe you have spent years perfecting an incredible guitar collector or perhaps even a set of rare coins. Whatever your collectors eye may lean toward you probably know how special the feeling is to add something new to your treasure trove. A hot collectors item for years has been men’s watches. From the famous Rolex brand to Audemars Piguet and Breitling Navitimer, there is an entire world out there for collectible watches. Below are just a few quick facts about what specifically makes Rolex watches so fascinating:

Rolex History – The Rolex brand has been around since 1905 when founder Hans Wilsdorf created the iconic name. Only a few years later in 1926, Rolex created the first ever waterproof wrist watch, and the innovation did not stop there. The Rolex GMT Master (GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time) was the first watch to be able to track two time zones at once which assisted pilots, travellers, and also just the curious mind. The Rolex GMT Master now sells for anywhere from $7,000 to $30,000. Pre owned mens Rolex watches are a bit cheaper, but are still fantastic collectors items.

Cost Variety – Today, the cheapest type of Rolex watch is the Air-King, which can be purchased for approximately $3,000. On the other hand, the most expensive watch that Rolex ever produced sold for nearly $500,000. This variety in costs means that of course those celebrities who make millions a month can afford the higher end Rolex, but with a bit of saving even regular hard working Americans can own a Rolex too. As you can probably imagine, collecting Pre owned mens Rolex watches is not a cheap hobby!

Ticking – When was the last time you listened to the quiet ticking of a wrist watch? This may seem like a frivolous item to bring up when talking about the most famous watch in the world, but for some collectors, the beat of a watch, which is the sound of the escape wheel striking the pallet, is a rhythmic joy to hear. This sound is a commonality between all quality watches, whether you listen to a pre owned Omega, or find a Breitling for sale that you cannot pass up.

If you are looking to buy Rolex used watches for yourself or a special someone in your life, be prepared for the excitement of a new hobby. You may be in the market for pre owned mens Rolex watches, used womens rolex watches, or real rolex watches for sale, and no matter where your journey leads, you’ll be glad to have a bit of foundational knowledge about the incredible brand.