Hdr image creation

Why are high-quality images and photo color correction services so important? Research has shown that the quality of a product image directly impacts sales. E-commerce is a $1.6 trillion industry and every one of those sales hinges on the quality of the pictures being used to sell the products.

Before online shopping, it was the salespeople in the store that had to do the selling. They had to convince you the product was of high quality and worth the sale price. However, there are no sales people whispering in your ear when you shop online. Product images have to be good enough to sell people on the value and price of the product.

This is true for online shopping, social sharing, and even real estate. According to one study, 92% of home buyers start their search online and narrow their search based on the house photos they find. The images used in a real estate ad directly impacts the selling price, the speed of the sale, and whether the house even sells.

When you are taking photos for a home ad, it is essential that the images look perfect. The color, lighting, and clarity need to be spot on. This is one example of when photo color correction services are essential. You don?t want the house to look green in a picture only to have the perspective home buyers show up and discover it is blue.

While photo color correction services can do a lot, you also need to be taking the pictures with a high-quality DSLR camera. Research shows that 64% of houses in the $400,000 to $500,000 price range will sell within six months when the online ad features DSLR photos. You can compare that number to 46%, which is the percentage of houses that sell within six months when they don?t have high-quality DSLR images.

The higher quality the image, the more likely it is to be shared as well, which is always important when trying to sell a house. You want everyone who sees it to share it with their social network because the more people that see the house, the more likely you will be to find a buyer quickly. On Instagram alone there are roughly 70 million photos shared every single day.

The National Press Photographers Association did a study that found 90% of the time people were able to tell if a photo was taken by a professional or an amateur. This demonstrates the difference in quality between the two. While skill and the quality of the camera are important factors in image quality, photography editing services are also a significant factor.

Professional photographers have access to professional quality photo styling, color correction, and digital photo retouching services that the average person does not. Utilizing these services can take a quality picture and make it exceptional.

There are so many things a professional photographer does to make their photos as perfect as possible. Using professional photo editing services is just one of those things. Photos that are crisp and clear will sell products better and faster than photos that aren?t.