Renting table linens

Wedding reception linens have always been popular with brides, and that popularity has only grown over recent years. Venues that offer high-quality linens in a broad range of colors and patterns are going to have a better business because they will be able to cater to more brides.

However, stocking, washing, and maintaining enough linens to appeal to a wide selection of brides is costly and time-consuming. The most effective way for a wedding venue to offer a full range of wedding reception linens is by contracting with a company that will provide fresh linens for each event.

A linen rental company will provide fresh, clean, and pressed linens for each event and then take the linens back dirty to be cleaned. Wedding venues don?t have to worry about cleaning or pressing any of the linens. They also don?t have to worry about getting charged for linens that may be stained by food, beverage, or candle wax.

When renting table linens, you just need to know the approximate number of guests, the number and shape of tables being used, and the dimensions of each table. Linen rental companies can provide a wedding venue with a book of samples, so brides can see their color and fabric options before making a decision.

A sample book of wedding reception linens will also enable the venue to sell the bride on their services and offerings. For example, if the bride wants a vintage or timeless look to her reception, you can suggest blush pink, peach, gold, or neutral tones. Many brides planning spring or summer weddings are choosing checkered, zigzag or chevron patterns that can be easily matched with solid tones.

For a textured look and feel, brides can choose petals, rosettes, or lace as an overlay with their other linens. Burlap and lace can also be combined to create an earthy and elegant atmosphere. Finally, pastel colors are often being mixed and matched to create a wide range of color combinations.

Letting your brides know you have the ability to order specialty linens will also open you up to a lot more business. Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect and reflective of their likes and interests. Specialty linens in colors, patterns and designs important to the couple will boost business.

In addition, to table clothes, runners, and napkins, chair covers for weddings are also very popular. They are the perfect way to increase the elegance of the event by making simple folding chairs look like expensive seating. When guests walk into the hall, they will be impressed by the coordination of all the linens and decor.

Providing the bride with suggestions using linens available through your supplier will help increase sales by enticing more brides to choose your venue over your competition. According to a recent survey, the average cost of a wedding is almost $30,000. A 2013 survey sites that the average cost per guest is $196. It is no secret that weddings are a big business, and the best way to get the most of that business is to provide the most options and ensure that you are meeting the needs of each bride.