Black friday shopping video

For decades, Black Friday has served as the one day when everyone and their mother is allowed to act crazy. Yes, Mardi Gras has its own arguments for this, and St. Patrick’s Day is up there as well, but nothing comes quite close to the complete insanity that happens when people who are perfectly sober are trampling over others to get their hands on holiday gifts. For some, Black Friday is a way of life. For others, it is completely appalling. But all can potentially agree that Black Friday shopping videos are pretty hilarious.

These Black Friday videos capture these crazy moments, which are memorialized forever after people post them up to the web. They showcase the insane things that people will do to save big on holiday big ticket items, and even smaller items too. The craziest part about some of these videos is that many of them show people fighting over the tiniest of items. It is just that people have been indirectly given license to act as selfishly as they want on that day, because if they do not then someone else will. And somebody else will get that item they want.

In capturing these moments through a Black Friday shopping video, anyone posting these insane videos can effectively alert everyone else on the planet to this behavior. Virtually everyone has seen this kind of behavior in person before, but only the craziest and most hilarious moments are captured via a Black Friday video, which simply leaves mouths gaping in awe, in disgust, or in hilarity at some of the things that people will do to get that last television set, to be the first in line on Thanksgiving night, or to get through the ridiculously long lines that this unofficial holiday is most known for.

With any Black Friday video, the shortness of the Black Friday video itself makes it more entertaining. This lets anyone with a few moments to spare view a silly, funny or absolutely crazy Black friday video in a few short minutes, or to watch several videos over the course of a lunch break. And the content is quite varied with these videos too. For instance, one Black Friday video could show someone being arrested for bad behavior at a shopping mall, while another Black Friday video could highlight two people going at it in the middle of an aisle, fighting over something. These videos, if anything, personify what this unofficial holiday is all about.