Black friday shopping video

Ahh, Black Friday. Twenty four hours of madness annually resulting in an untold number of bodily injuries, all for the glory of a discount on the toy of the moment. Though 37 percent of adult Americans participate in the festivities, the other 63 percent of us prefer to stay home and wait it out.

Sometimes curiosity gets the best of us, though, and a safer way to check out the chaos is by sitting in the safety of your own home, internet shopping and watching Black Friday videos. After all, there’s nothing more entertaining than watching a crowd of previously docile mom types resort to the law of the jungle over the very video game that will make them roll their eyes in a matter of months. So this year, why not make a game of it? When you settle in for Black Friday shopping videos at the end of the craziest shopping day of the year, invite some friends, grab some popcorn, and get going on a game of Black Friday video bingo.

Here’s your spaces for a 4×4 board: stampede, police intervention, use of police tape in a store, elbow to the gut, somebody crying, profanity, shrieking, throwing unwanted merchandise, children in dangerous situations, fight between two shoppers, photographer drops camera, news camera, use of a shopping cart as a weapon, arrest, serious injury, and fight over last item. It’s the same rules of bingo. Cross out the spaces as you see them. Four in a row or on a diagonal wins. But really, everyone wins, because you’re all bundled up warmly, watching Black Friday videos instead of being bludgeoned over the head by this year’s Tickle Me Elmo equivalent.