Laser wrinkle treatment

Anytime you turn on the TV, you see beautiful women of every age, without a single wrinkle on their face. How in the world did they do it? No, every single female in Hollywood didn’t hit the genetic jackpot. Celebrities– just like you and I– experience the natural progression of aging. The magic trick they are using to look decades younger goes by the name of Botox.

Botox treatments are a noninvasive procedure in which a chemical is injected into the muscle underneath the wrinkle, which relaxes it. The contracting muscle is what makes the wrinkle appear in the first place (not the skin that actually appears to have the wrinkle), and so the muscle relaxation that Botox causes makes the wrinkle disappear.

If you are interested in pursuing the best wrinkle treatment that science has ever given to humanity, we put together the following list of questions that you’re probably wondering but feel too embarrassed to ask.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Botox

Isn’t Botox the thing that makes women unable to have any facial expressions?
When Botox first started being used to fight stubborn wrinkles in the early 2000s, it was not uncommon to see celebrities with immobile facial expressions because of their Botox gone wrong. However, over the last 16 years, dermatologist have become experts at administering the Botox treatment subtly, so that you can still laugh and shoot people the stink eye, just with no wrinkles above.

How much pain does a Botox treatment inflict?
Botox is injected into that wrinkled muscle with a needle, and so you can expect to feel a small pinprick when getting a Botox treatment. Many times, patients compare the pain during a Botox treatment to the feeling of tweezing your eyebrows. It’s not without any discomfort, but the pain is minimal. If this is your greatest challenge with getting a Botox treatment, you can look for a dermatologist who offers a numbing solution.

My wrinkles are only mild, is Botox like nuking an ant hill?
You can begin Botox at any point in your aging journey; many women start around the age of 30. If you have deep crows feet or wrinkles between your eyebrows and on your four head, the time is now. However, if you only have slight wrinkles, getting a mild treatment is a great way to erase those lines, and prevent them from ever getting set and becoming a real issue.

How much does a Botox treatment cost?
The cost of getting Botox varies by the area you’re treating, the number of units used in your treatment, and the Botox provider that you go to. To give you a general idea, you may pay between $250 and $500 for a single area.

However, it’s important to mention that you should not choose your Botox provider on price alone. The results you get from a Botox treatment primarily depend on your Botox provider knowing how to administer just the right dosage, in the right area, and depth during your session. Going to a cheap Botox provider may leave you regretting the experience altogether. Likewise, the heftiness of the price tag doesn’t mean the provider is great at what they do. Do your research before selecting a Botox provider.

Everyone offers Botox; how do I know who’s good at it?

This is true. Botox is offered by hair salons, dentists, spas, dermatology offices and plastic surgeons. You can’t walk around the corner without bumping into another Botox provider. Finding a great provider of your Botox treatment is the single most important factor in having successful results.

Before being injected, research how long the Botox provider has been administering treatments, and their licensing. We believe the best way to find a great Botox provider is by asking for referrals from friends who have great Botox results.

How long will I be wrinkle-free after getting Botox?
The chemical that makes your wrinkles disappear will eventually be metabolized by your body, and your wrinkles will reappear. Most Botox providers suggest re-administering treatments every three to six months. If you have a high metabolism (especially if you’re a heavy duty fitness pro), you might find yourself needing to get treatment sooner.

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