Spring vacation rentals

Although most people take their big vacation during the summer or perhaps over the Christmas break, spring can be a good time for a brief getaway. Spring fever may not be a medical condition, but it is a real thing, and research has shown that about three-fourths of people feel better when they plan at least one trip a year. People tend to get anxious for warmer weather and more sun after winter, and spring can be a good time to head to warmer climes. Here are some travel tips for a spring getaway.

If you have kids, you will probably have to do your spring trip during whatever spring break they have. However, you want to avoid going to places that are hosting college spring breakers, which will include most Florida coastal cities, many cities in Texas, and some in Arizona and California. Not only will it be crowded and you can have trouble finding a place to stay, but it also is a spectacle that is not really family friendly.

Another thing to consider when planning trips to spring tourist attractions is the cost of airfare. If you have a family of four or larger, it can make flying somewhere cost-prohibitive, especially if you want to travel during the busy spring break season, during which airlines often raise their prices. Because of this, it may make sense to drive.

If you decide to drive to the spring tourist attractions you choose, you need to be mindful of the weather. Spring weather can be unpredictable, with warm sunny skies in one state and a blizzard just one state away. The average driving trip is nearly 300 miles, and in that distance you can experience a range of weather conditions in the spring months.

If you are traveling with kids, either by car or plane, you want to make sure you have activities for kids to do to keep them occupied. It will make traveling much easier for you and your fellow passengers if you travel by plane.

Spring vacations can be a lot of fun, and following these tips should help make your trip more enjoyable.