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Do you have a friend who just can?t seem to relax? About 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety, yet a lot of people don?t receive any treatment for what they?re experiencing.

Treatment doesn?t necessarily have to come in the form of therapy or medicine — although in many cases, these can certainly help. However, there is still a lot you can do for your friend (or anyone you know!) who is dealing with a lot of anxious thoughts. And the solution, of course, is not to tell them that they are overreacting or that they should get over it! Here are three positive ways to approach the issue.

1. Get Them Into a New, Comfortable Environment

The reasons people experience anxiety vary, so there is no ?one stop? solution that suits everyone. However, one thing that can often help is removing the environmental stressors this person is constantly experiencing. Introduce them to a quiet used book store where patrons can sit in comfortable chairs and read for hours (while spelling that delightful old book smell that permeates these places!) or introduce them to your favorite coffee shop and have a coffee chat. Sometimes simply reaching out and listening is enough to ease fatigue.

2. Encourage Them to Take a Bath; Give All Natural Hygiene Products

Did you know that many people experience stress simply as a result of being constantly tied in to their phone? People who are on their phone more often, often sleep less and experience a certain level of anxiety over the constant presence of social media. Encourage your friend to step away from the digital sphere and take a bath. Give them a book or favorite magazine to peruse. All natural hygiene products like bath sea salts or aromatherapy gift sets can be very helpful during this time; scents and pleasurable sensations can help people to relax.

3. Order Food for Them

Has your friend told you that they would come out tonight, except they?re feeling too much anxiety? This isn?t the time to get mad at them or try and push them too much out of their safe zone. Instead, show them that as a friend, you care about them and will be ready to spend time with them once they feel more comfortable. Consider ordering their favorite food for them from delivery and having it show up at their door — already paid for! Whether it?s chinese or pizza it?s a very affordable way to say ?I?m thinking of you, don?t be stressed.?

Will you be ordering pizza, giving all natural hygiene products, or bringing your friend to the local cafe? Let us know!