When it comes to figuring out where to donate your used clothes, there are more options than ever before when planning which charity you want to support. If you haven’t already, consider helping military charities. These organizations serve all individuals, not just military families. Learn more about the benefits of donating your clothes to them and why it’s worth your while.

Many Military Charities Offer Used Clothing Pickup

When getting rid of your charitable donations, you won’t have to go far to get them out the door. That’s because many places that accept donations offer to pick up. In these cases, the charity will pick up clothing donations and bring them directly to their organization. Sometimes they go inside your home to pick up, and other times you can prearrange to leave something on the curb and they’ll get it. If you can’t get out of your house and drive to a location but still wish to help, this is a great way to do so with a little extra effort.

Your Items Support People Who Truly Need Them

If you’re donating items to a military charity, you want to be sure that people who truly need your used clothing and goods are benefiting from them. In many cases, this is true since over 75% of items donated go directly to families who need them. Items that don’t get donated are sold, and the proceeds from those are used to help those in need. This makes it easier for the charity to serve those who need them, and it ensures your items are put to good use by someone else, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Your Clothing Won’t Go to Waste

It’s easy for clothing to go to waste if you just throw it out. Over 12 million tons of items get thrown out every year, from clothes to furniture and everything in-between. If you want to specifically support military charities and the individuals who use them, donate your used items whenever you can. The charity can either use them to help people in need or sell them for a slightly higher price to others who can use them. Your items won’t go to waste, and you’ll help a cause that you can feel proud about.

Over 95% of people in America are dedicated to giving to a charity of their choice. If you want to support a military charity but don’t have the cash to do so, you can donate your clothing and used household items. Because they’re going to help people in need and support the direct efforts of the charity, you’ll still be contributing to a meaningful cause either way. By encouraging your family and friends to give you can save the environment, help those in need, and make sure the charity keeps operating on a larger scale to help everyone it serves.