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The United States is home to 210,000 local beauty salons. Most women feel better about themselves after they have their hair done Hair coloring makes women feel more attractive. At least 69% of them say that is one reason they do it. One popular spa service is a professional Brazilian blowout service. There are ways to keep your hair looking great for longer after your visit to the salon.

  1. Limit how often you wash your hair. One way to extend the time between your professional Brazilian blowout service by washing your hair less frequently. If you can get away with it, you should make it a point to only wash your hair three times each week. This lets you hold on the to benefits of the professional Brazilian blowout service for a longer period of time. It is important to be careful about what products you use on your hair after a Brazilian blowout service. Shampoos with sulfates. Sulfates can counteract the chemicals that are used in the Brazilian blowout. Unfortunately, the vast majority of commonly used shampoos have these compounds in them. The best thing you can do for your hair between professional Brazilian blowout services is to use an organic and totally natural shampoo.
  2. Keep the frizz to a minimum with a deep conditioning treatment. While you should not wash your hair every day after you have had a professional Brazilian blowout service, you should add a daily conditioner to it on a daily basis. Every two weeks you should use a deep conditioning product. Your hair will stay healthy looking when you do this. After you wash your hair, you can use the deep conditioning product. There are also deep conditioning masques that can provide great results. For the best results with the masque, leave it on overnight. These products reinforce the ones that were used in the Brazilian blowout.
  3. Dye your hair before you have your blowout done. It is better to have your professional Brazilian blowout after you have had your hair coloring service done. This can be done on the same day as you have the straightening done. Your Brazilian blowout service will actually do a lot to seal in your new color. It will also brighten and enhance your color so you have a number of reasons to have your hair dyed. You need to wait at least two weeks after you have your blowout done or the color will not come out correctly. One way to get the most of the combination of the professional Brazilian blowout service and hair color is pick a color that is at least one shade darker than you normally go with. Often the Brazilian blowout can cause some fading to occur.
  4. Use the right styling products. After you have a professional Brazilian blowout service, you need to be really careful about selecting the styling products that you use. After you have this process done, it may be easier for your hair to be weighed down by products and become oily a lot faster than before. One way to avoid this is to let your hair air dry before you use the hair dryer on it. This will help you protect your hair from the heat. There are some hair styling products that were designed just for hair that has had a professional Brazilian blowout service that will keep it looking great and let you get the style you are going for. Using other styling products can both help you get the style you want and protect your hair from the UV rays from the sun.
  5. Protect your hair if you go swimming. It does not matter if you go swimming in a pool or in water at a beach, you need to protect your professional Brazilian blowout service. Swimming can impact how your hair looks. There are products you can buy to protect your hair. The products not only protect you hair from the swimming but from the UV rays from the sun. Rinse it out with water afterwards.

There are few things that make most us feel great like looking great. Professional Brazilian blowout services are great for just that.