Commercial mini bulbs

Edward Johnson, Thomas Edisons assistant, fathered the idea of using electric lights on your Christmas trees in 1882. Eight years later, 1890, they were available thanks to mass production. These days our Christmas decor is essentially unlimited. We can decorate both the interior and exterior with Christmas lights, Christmas yard decorations, LED icicle lights and many other options.

Feel like you have too many options for your Christmas decor? Start small with LED Xmas lights for your tree, in fact you could start with few basic strings of white Christmas lights and go from there. You will have to consider how large your tree is to determine the number of lights to use in your Christmas decor. Generally the Led lights use a minimal amount of energy. In fact based on a simple calculation you can run 10 strands of lights for the season for approximately 6 dollars. If you use far more, you may want to consider a dedicated circuit so you do not trip the breaker.

As you begin to feel comfortable scaling up your Christmas decor, plan a few lights for the outside of your house. You can run a few strings along the front of your home and still have a significant impact at night. Slowly, you can add colored lights or icicles to improve the effect. Alternatively, you can integrate some inflatable decorations that become a focal point on your lawn. Do not be afraid to experiment with your Christmas decor and find something that fits your style and budget.